Fulfillment Experience

Just selling incredible things will be enough, right? No, not always. The greatest items in the world won’t save your reputation if your clients don’t get their purchases in a timely manner, aren’t accurate, or are damaged.

You must offer a fantastic fulfillment experience in addition to your items. Find out how by continuing to read.

What does a fulfillment experience entail in Canada?

What do we mean when we talk about fulfillment?

This is a crucial idea. Different people define fulfillment differently.

You must be aware of what you should strive for to give your clients an outstanding fulfillment experience.

Simply said, the fulfillment experience is everything that happens between the time a consumer clicks “buy” and places an order and the time they get and open their goods in the mail.

Everything from order processing through selection, packaging, and shipping is included in that process, in addition to communication, the unboxing experience, and more.

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What constitutes a fulfillment experience?

As we’ve already discussed, there are several phases to the fulfillment experience. But what are they specifically? We’ll walk you through them.

Fulfillment Experience

Order verification

The customer’s experience with fulfillment doesn’t end just when they click the “purchase now” button. On the contrary, it has just started.

It is crucial to confirm an order, which is something we cannot emphasize enough.

You should keep in touch with a client as much as you can during the order process, in addition to sending an email to confirm that the customer’s order has been received.

As a result, be sure to give regular updates on anticipated fulfillment and delivery schedules as well as warnings of any impending delays.

Keep in mind that you are competing with industry titans like Amazon, who offer real-time information. Customers will be happy if you communicate with them more.

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Shipping information

The money that consumers earn is earned hard. They are unavoidably delighted to receive the item they have worked so hard to purchase when they spend it.

As a result, if you can give your clients order tracking information, they will love you. They’ll be much more inclined to buy from you again if they can check the status of their order and understand when to expect delivery.

Fulfillment Experience

Quickness of delivery

Who is willing to wait between seven and ten days to get their order? To be honest, not many.

Delivery speed is becoming a key component of the fulfillment process. Because of companies like Amazon, customers anticipate receiving their goods in a day or two at the very most.

You cannot ignore delivery timeframes if you want to offer the greatest fulfillment experience possible.

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Are you going to feel enthusiastic when you open a worn-out, basic cardboard box? We assumed not.

Customers now frequently demand an “unboxing experience” with their orders.

Consider companies like Apple. Unwrapping the intricate packaging required for their products seems to be almost ritualistic. Almost on par with utilizing one of their items is the thrill of opening the box!


Many eCommerce companies would want to avoid using the phrase “returns.” But you really can’t afford to overlook returns if you want to provide a top-notch fulfillment experience.

In other words, they desire a straightforward, efficient, and accurate return procedure.

That isn’t just speculation on our end either. Numerous studies have shown that consumers are very loyal to companies with efficient return procedures.

One research, for instance, discovered that investing in a strong returns procedure results in a 12 percent boost in customer satisfaction for online firms.

Fulfillment Experience

How to provide your consumers with an amazing fulfillment experience

After seeing what a top-notch customer fulfillment experience looks like, how can you design one for your own eCommerce company?

We requested advice from the 3PL team on how to create a fantastic client fulfillment experience.

Below are their suggestions.

The importance of communication in fulfillment

Lack of communication concerning consumers’ orders is one of the most typical concerns you’ll hear from them.

The days when you could only send a confirmation email is long gone.

Customers like to know the precise location of their order. Has it already left the warehouse? Is the M6 halfway up? Is the delivery person down by the road’s end?

You should offer as much tracking information as you can.

If you’re concerned about providing this kind of tracking information, it could make more sense to work with a 3rd logistics company that has the hardware and software necessary to do so on your behalf.

Provide quick, inexpensive shipping.

Receiving their orders as fast as possible is what many customers seek above all else.

Consider it this way: They want the convenience of shopping online but without the inconvenience of going to a physical store.

If you can provide inexpensive, quick shipping (or free shipping, if you’re prepared to cover the expense), you’ll go a long way toward establishing a foundation of devoted, reoccurring clients.

Naturally, a dependable fulfillment company will be able to arrange quick shipments on your account.

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Use branded packaging in fulfillment

Do you want your consumers to have a memorable unpacking experience? Then think about making a unique packaging investment that showcases your brand.

Forget about generic, lifeless brown cardboard packaging and instead invest in developing really distinctive packaging that stands out from the competition.

Your clients will be grateful to you for it. You may provide your clients with a really unique unpacking experience in a number of ways, as we discussed in our previous post.

And if it seems like a lot for you to handle, don’t worry. There are several fulfillment systems that can choose, pack, and ship items on your behalf in distinctive packaging.

Give your fulfillment to a reputable third party.

But what if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of doing it yourself but still want to accomplish everything on the above list to produce the ideal fulfillment experience?

There is an easy solution, though.

Hire a third-party company to handle your fulfillment so they can do all of those tasks on your behalf.

Companies like 3PL provide a comprehensive end-to-end fulfillment solution that checks off all the boxes needed to provide your consumers with the best possible fulfilling experience.

With the most affordable shipping rates available and complete tracking and order delivery information provided by our 3PL Fusion software, 3PL is equipped to take your order fulfillment to the next level.

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