Cross Docking Services Vancouver, Montreal

In our Vancouver cross-docking service, we utilize our expertise, appropriate equipment, and established network to deliver your goods to any location in Canada within 7 days, at the most affordable rates. By using our transloading services, you can ensure that you fulfill your commitments to your customers efficiently!


cross docking services

DelGate offers cross-docking services 24 hours a day in Vancouver, BC and Montreal, QC. We understand the importance of efficiently transferring goods, sorting materials for different destinations, and consolidating shipments from various origins into one for distribution.

Our Vancouver and Montreal warehouses are equipped with cross-docking services that can streamline your supply chain. This process occurs at a cross-dock warehouse, where freight can be temporarily stored or not stored at all. DelGate’s cross-docking warehousing capabilities can help you move your freight where it needs to go.

Cross Docking Services

Transload From Ports,

Directly to The Shelve.

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How DelGate can help you with your Vancouver & Montreal cross docking services needs?

Using our cross-docking distribution, we can combine products intended for a common destination or purpose into one shipment, reducing overall distribution costs and environmental impact.
At our Vancouver 3PL facilities, we provide tailored transloading solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

We transport goods to our cross-docking warehouses where they are checked, unloaded, and picked & packed into new loads intended for single or multiple destinations.

Cross Docking Services

When to Use a Cross Docking Warehouse

You can use a cross docking warehouse operation to manage an array of conditions, including:
Cross Docking Services


Reduce or potentially eliminate costs associated with worldwide shipping

Deliver products to distributors and customers faster

Better utilize transport loads, saving transport-related costs and reducing environmental impact

DelGate’s Transloading Facilities:

DelGate is equipped with specialized cross-docking facilities, equipment, and operations to ensure efficient and safe transloading for its customers. With different types of products requiring unique handling, our process minimizes the risk of product loss or damage.

Automated Transloading Facility

We put together the right equipment to protect your inventory.

Cross Docking Services
Electronical conveyor:

We utilize a cargo conveyor system within our warehouse to transport, consolidate, and distribute goods to reduce the risk of damage. Equipped with sensors and other devices, our conveyor system provides a safe and efficient method of transporting loads quickly.

Cross Docking Services
Wrapping machines:

Automatic pallet wrapping equipment is utilized to wrap pallets with stretch wrap to secure the freight and prevent damage during transportation. This method makes bulk transportation easier and ensures that products arrive at their destination undamaged.

The use of automated machines for wrapping products is a faster, more reliable, and accurate method.

Drayage and Transloading Services help you Import from Vancouver Ports

DelGate can assist you with all your logistics and shipping requirements in Canada and the US. Our Vancouver warehouses are conveniently situated between Vancouver ports and rail stations. Our facilities are designed to minimize handling and provide peace of mind.

[With our advanced equipment, skilled personnel, and state-of-the-art packaging machinery and materials, we can quickly overcome any obstacles that may arise.]

Why Crossdocking by DelGate?

DelGate offers professional cross docking services in Vancouver, tailored to meet your unique needs. Our cross-docking method is a fast and efficient way to move inventory throughout the supply chain, straight into the hands of your customers.

The benefits of our cross-docking services are numerous, including reduced material waste, lower labor costs, improved customer satisfaction, and increased brand loyalty. By using our cross-docking services, you can optimize your supply chain and achieve your desired business goals.

Advantages of Vancouver Cross Docking:

Cross-docking helps companies save on overhead costs by reducing the need for large storage spaces.
Shipments are sent directly to retailers, allowing businesses to quickly meet customer demands and sell goods in real time.
Companies do not need to hire additional labor to store and maintain inventory, as inventory passes directly from import receivers to retailers.

Cross-docking is a more effective method of transport than destuffing and allows goods to be delivered to retailers faster.
This process provides many benefits for businesses that rely on efficient and large-scale imports.

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