Fulfillment Integrations And Technology

Our Fulfillment Integrations Technology makes 3PL fulfillment a breeze, allowing you to complete the process from anywhere with just three clicks. Our plug-and-play integration works with any E-commerce shopping cart, and our warehouse management system enables you to fulfill anywhere from one to 300 orders at once.

Fulfillment Integrations Technology - Easy to use and Easy to setup

DelGate’s platform can have your business up and running in just 30 minutes, and we take care of all your fulfillment 3pl needs. Just provide us with information about any systems you currently use, and we will handle the rest. Our onboarding specialist is dedicated to assisting you throughout the process and will answer any questions you may have.


Back-up inventory

Distribute your inventory intelligently throughout our network of fulfillment centers across Canada. Running low on stock in Toronto? We’ll ship your product from Vancouver. Distributed inventory means you have a back-up for unexpected spikes in local sales and enables you to minimize shipping costs and delivery time in order to meet your customers’ expectations.


Big Data Analytics

Take advantage of delivery data to gain insights about your customers, such as their purchase timing and preferences, how to reach more customers like them, and how to incentivize repeat purchases. By utilizing the right type of data, you can make informed decisions, adjust priorities, and make real-time changes based on concrete evidence from your sales numbers.


Real-Time Inventory

Our cutting-edge warehouse management system provides you with up-to-the-minute stock visibility and reporting, empowering you to make informed business decisions quickly and with confidence.

Simply connect any shopping cart​

Barcode Scanners help us keep your Fulfillment 3PL 99% error-free

Utilize our Vancouver and Coquitlam warehouses for secure storage of your products with advanced technology, including robotics, digital barcode solutions, and security measures for real-time inventory tracking and accuracy.

We strive to be leaders in eCommerce fulfillment by employing cutting-edge warehouse machinery and management systems.



Complete Tracking Transparency By Fulfillment Integrations Technology

Gain complete peace of mind by utilizing our innovative online platform, which enables you to track your items and view the notifications that have been sent to your customers. With automated tracking notifications, your customers can feel confident when purchasing from your brand, as they will be able to see exactly when and where their items will be delivered.

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DelGate is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) that provides Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, Container Transloading, Trucking, Rail service, Intermodal Transportation, Final Mile and Home Delivery.

101-2388 Canoe Ave Coquitlam,BC​
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