Port Drayage Services

Our personalized port drayage services empower you to manage your imports and exports with ease and flexibility.


Drayage and Transloading Services for Imports from Vancouver Ports

DelGate is here to help you handle all your logistics and shipping needs. Our Vancouver Warehouse is just a few minutes away from Deltaport, Vanterm, Centerm, and Fraser Surrey Docks.

Our facilities are optimized to minimize handling and ensure the safe and efficient handling of your goods. With our expert manpower, high-quality packaging materials, and specialized pallets, we can quickly and effectively overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Why DelGate's Port Drayage Services

Port drayage is one of the most important services for any business that is importing or exporting goods or materials. DelGate’s drayage solution is:


No empty return problem Shipping line partner:

We provide customized port drayage solutions that put
you in control of your imports and exports.


Increase your flexibility and reduce costs by using
DelGate’s 24/7 drayage service, allowing you to move
freight during off-peak hours.

Simplify your Supply Chain:

Our port, warehousing and transportation services can
be fully integrated into a single-source solution.

Close to Port:

Our warehouse is near the main ports of Vancouver BC.

What is Port Drayage?

Port drayage is a crucial aspect of logistics that involves transporting goods a short distance through ground freight. Drayage services are essential for intermodal shipping and refer to the transportation of large containers via truck, ship, or rail. The process of drayage plays a critical role in moving freight and bridging gaps in transportation. To save on added costs related to fleet maintenance, management, and driver hiring, you can entrust your fleet to us at a stable price while gaining access to additional resources for your team.


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