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Our Final Mile Logistics Solution

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DelGate’s Customized Service for Furniture Manufacturer and Suppliers

At DelGate, we work with furniture manufacturers around the world to provide comprehensive services to ensure that furniture is collected, handled, packed, shipped, and delivered safely and reliably to any location.

The last mile furniture distribution. It’s the most critical, and the most challenging part of today’s supply chain. From warehousing to tiered delivery options that include white glove delivery and integrated returns management, DelGate’s Last Mile delivers flexible solutions for big and bulky shipments, so you can focus on your core business.


Installation and Assembly in Final Mile

All of our two-man truck teams are highly trained for simple to complex installation and assemblies. If your products require complex assemblies and installation, we can provide you dedicated team trained based on your requirements to take care of your installations and assemblies in our last mile delivery Canada.

Final mile

Designer Art Works and Furniture, storage and delivery

DelGate’s Vancouver, BC professional team offers a complete suite of art services, including transportation and shipping, installation, packing, and collection management.  We tailor our approach to the needs of each client and collection.

We offer museum-quality, white-glove service with a delicate, specialist touch to safely handle and install your fragile and highly valuable items.

Our experts can provide fine art installation, and designer furniture installation, including shipping and inventory management services, for any of your projects. You can choose our services for individual pieces and items or even large collections and exhibitions.


Dedicated Dispatch and Customer Support Team in Last Mile

DelGate offers a high quality and professional service that takes all the stress and pressure of dispatching and customer support off you. Our experienced dispatch team handles all the necessary paperwork from your customers, drivers and/or third-party businesses, arranging the delivery time and related pickup location. Our drivers also call ahead of arrival to inform the receiver and reducing possible delays. Your customers receive automated text messages for every step of the delivery process. Every customer receives post-delivery surveys and our team reviews the CSI scores in weekly meetings.

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DelGate is a Third-Party Logistics that provides Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, Container Transloading, Trucking, Rail service, Intermodal Transportation, Final Mile and Home Delivery.

101-2388 Canoe Ave Coquitlam,BC​
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