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Ready to streamline your Amazon business? Our Amazon FBA Prep Service takes the stress out of product preparation, so you can focus on growth. From meticulous quality checks and precise labeling to expert packaging and photography, we handle it all.

Our Amazon FBA Prep Service Benefits:

Partner with us and elevate your Amazon business to new heights. Let’s boost your sales, ratings, and customer satisfaction—starting now!

Ensure top-notch products with thorough inspections.

Accurate barcodes and info for smooth logistics.

Attractive bundles and kits to captivate buyers.

Stay organized with accurate stock updates.

Unique needs? We adapt to your requirements.

Let us handle logistics while you expand.




The Perfect Combination for Ecommerce Success. Delgate picks, packs, and ships your Amazon orders!

DelGate helps businesses grow by providing integrated access to Amazon and storing your products closer to your customers.

With DelGate you can get access to hundreds of thousands of sellers through Amazon and access time-saving features that help you run your business better.

  • When a customer makes a purchase, we handle receiving, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns for those orders. Effective, reliable eCommerce fulfillment delights customers.

Amazon Fulfillment by DelGate offers outsourced fulfillment for Canadian eCommerce companies looking to scale their business.

Store your products in our DelGate fulfillment centers, and we will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for shipping those products directly to your customers.

DelGate Fulfillment Solutions help you scale your business and reach more customers on Amazon.

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Amazon Prep Requirements

Amazon’s marketplace is a great channel to increase sales and reach new customers. With Amazon FBA service ecommerce sellers can take advantage of Amazon Prime Memberships, free shipping offers and other perks of fulfilling orders through Amazon.

To take full advantage, you have to abide by Amazon product requirements. Amazon requires that your products to be ready to be fulfilled upon arrival at their fulfillment centers. If not, you run the risk of being charged for noncompliance or risk refusal of inventory.

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Amazon FBA Services vs. DelGate

Selling products on Amazon allows you to reach many customers, but in some cases, you might even compete with Amazon itself.

Amazon FBA services in Canada Vancouver BC may not be the best choice for your business as they offer restrictive inventory management policies, and you must follow their existing procedures closely.

There is little or no customization, solutions are based on standard processes, and storage fees are generally much higher.

[DelGate Amazon Fulfillment Services allow for faster setup, less restrictive inventory management, increased profitability, branded packaging, in-house customer support, and features Canada-wide marketplace capabilities.]

We partner with the leading ecommerce technology solutions and agencies to help grow your business smarter faster and stronger than ever before.

Simply connect any shopping cart​, Amazon FBA service:

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