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Best Trucking Company In Canada, DelGate’s experts, and professionals will give you useful proposals for your FTL services to help you make the best decisions during your freight journey.

DelGate’s FTL Customized Service for Manufacturer and Suppliers

DelGate is a Canadian logistic company that provides a wide range of logistics, shipping, FTL, trucking solutions, and Rail services for its customer’s needs. DelGate’s experts and professionals will give you useful proposals for your FTL services to help you make the best decisions during your freight journey.
DelGate FTL team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in shipping specific types of cargo and equipment for its customer’s demands. We offer special services in the trucking industry, particularly FTL to accommodate your freight’s special needs, like handling of dedicated loads,

  • Freeze protection
  • Heat protection

We are completely familiar with how to protect your FTL freight and get it delivered on time at the best price. So, leave your FTL shipment to us, we will handle all steps and stages from planning to deliveries for your business.

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Working with all the major full load providers allows Couriers and Freight to offer our customers an independent comprehensive full truckload solution. Quote, book, and manage all your FTL shipments easily with our highway specialists.

Getting your cargo to its destination can become a complicated process with the constant fluctuations in supply chain processes. We understand that the daily challenges that you face need flexible solutions that let you make choices that meet all your requirements.

The shipment solution that you require varies with the specifications of your cargo. The size of your shipment, the fragility of your cargo, the required speed to market, or your budget can affect this decision.

We’re offering trucking and FTL shipments.

Access to specialized equipment including:


FTL Trucking service areas

DelGate offers its full truckloads service to be delivered throughout the West Coast seaport in British Columbia, in western Canada & US. Our trucks run from West Coast to Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, California USA, and vice versa.


Full Truckload (FTL) Transportation What Is It?

FTL stands for (Full Truckload) which is a kind of shipping in Logistic transportation which means a truck carries just one dedicated cargo. In this process, the whole truck will be filled by one type of fleet for just one customer. In other words, when you need a full truck for your freight shipping, you can choose FTL logistic services. There are more than 12 pallets, and just your cargo will be on the truck. The way of loading the truck is completely compatible with your freight, so it would be safe the whole way.

Why FTL (Full Truckload service)

Whenever your freight is sensitive and needs a lot of attention and care, it is better to use full truckload services. This way the truck does not need to go different ways or never stop multiple on the way, this guarantees that your load will be transferred safely. Going different ways make a lot of shakes, so when you have sensitive freight on the truck it will be affected by those shakes. We advise you even if your fleet is less in the amount but needs expensive care again you can use the FTL service. You don’t want your freight.


FTL (Full Truckload) Advantageous

One of the most advantages of FTL is that there are no multiple stops on the way, so nobody will touch your load unnecessarily. By using the Full Truck Loaded service your freight transportation is safer and quicker. Also, FTL freight shipping time is punctual because it doesn’t have unnecessary loaded- unloaded times on the way. So, your freight will be transferred to you quicker and safer.

FTL Service:​


No-stop shipments with FTL

In Full Truckload, get a dedicated service where the whole truck is yours to use.

Full Truck Load

Ideal for large shipments

Have the perfect space in trucks for your specific freight only.

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Speed to market

There are no stops or transfers from one truck to another, leading to faster cargo delivery.

Full Truck Load


Cargo does not switch hands, so there is less likelihood of damage or contamination by other goods, and less chance of your items getting lost.

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