Elevate Your Fulfillment Strategy with Omnichannel Fulfillment

DelGate, your seasoned ally in B2C and B2B omnichannel fulfillment solutions. Seamless, all-encompassing order fulfillment that caters to every channel and customer need.

Empower Your Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategy with Ease:

Elevate your competitive edge by embracing DelGate's modern retail distribution and dropshipping solutions and omnichannel fulfillment. Easily unite with existing and prospective retail collaborators, expanding your customer outreach dynamically. Harness our extensive network, next-gen EDI integrations, and rapid market deployment to gratify retail associates and end-users with equal prowess.


Retail Distribution Automation:

EDI & API Integration

Forge a seamless bond with retailers via advanced EDI integration and forward your product portfolio.

Distribution Hubs

Your inventory finds a home within our expansive array of distribution hubs, strategically positioned.

Inbound retailer orders

Inbound retailer orders seamlessly flow to DelGate, driven by the prowess of EDI integration.

Dispatch Orders

Witness our precision as we meticulously select, pack, and dispatch orders, destined for retailers or end customers.

omnichannel fulfillment

Enhanced Omnichannel Fulfillment Retail Distribution:

DelGate introduces an avant-garde omnichannel fulfillment retail distribution system that orchestrates seamless B2B order fulfillment, catering to both wholesale and retail associates. We ensure your inventory reaches retailers who serve their end clients or position your products within their physical outlets.

Leveraging integrated interfaces with diverse EDI service providers, establishing connections with retailers and streamlining order handling alongside third-party shipping becomes effortlessly achievable.

Dynamic Retail Dropship Services:

Seamlessly cater to orders originating from your retail affiliates’ websites, facilitated by our comprehensive Omnichannel Fulfillment EDI collaborations.

Our dropshipping prowess enables you to present your merchandise directly on a retailer’s virtual storefront, with DelGate logistics taking charge of fulfillment service and direct shipment to the final consumer. DelGate’s ever-expanding repertoire of retail affiliations continues to grow weekly — reach out to us to uncover if your favored retailer is part of our network.

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omnichannel flfillment Canada

Digital Market Hubs:

Tap into the potency of esteemed and deeply reliable online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart. Open the floodgates to connect with countless fresh customers. DelGate boasts seamless integrations with these leading platforms, ensuring a frictionless flow through the ordering and omnichannel fulfillment journey.

Elevate your e-commerce enterprise with DelGate’s premier logistics, eCommerce fulfillment and omnichannel fulfillment solutions tailored for direct-to-consumer (DTC) ventures. Seamlessly link up with your preferred e-commerce platforms and toolkit via our user-friendly software, streamlining real-time order processing and inventory updates.

Our adept crew handles the order fulfillment process, working diligently to fulfill incoming orders. Supported by our exclusive warehouse management system and an extensive global network of fulfillment centers, we curtail delivery time to the end recipient, meeting the economical two-day shipping expectations of your esteemed customers.

3PL Fulfillment
3PL Fulfillment

Elevating Customer Satisfaction through Innovative Technology:

Stepping into a store opens doors to elevate experiences and expand orders. Remarkably, 80% of Target’s e-commerce orders are easily managed in-store.

Retailers can automate omnichannel fulfillment, bolstering omnichannel support at the storefront level.

Full-featured tools like integrated sensors, digital tags, and connected devices foster interaction based on location and inventory, heightening customer and staff engagement. These technologies not only enhance customer interactions but empower store associates to fulfill in-store orders promptly.

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DelGate is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) that provides Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, Container Transloading, Trucking, Rail service, Intermodal Transportation, Final Mile and Home Delivery.

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