Section 321 Fulfillment

Want Duty Free Fulfillment (321 Fulfillment) to the U.S.?

Legally Reduce Import Duties by Following a few Key Steps

Discover the game-changing potential of Section 321 Fulfillment —a fully CBSA-compliant U.S. shipment solution that has the power to revolutionize your business. No longer will you be burdened by exorbitant duties, tariffs, and unnecessary fees

321 Fulfillment Key Steps:

We are here to help you these steps:



Connect your retail and ecommerce stores to us through API and EDI connections.



Store your products at our Vancouver or Toronto warehouse strategically located near U.S. borders.



Your order will promptly ship to your U.S. and Canadian customers and we will take care of all of the customs work for all orders under 800 USD.

How Section 321 Fulfillment works to ensure duty free fulfillment:

Step 1

1-In accordance with section 321 Fulfillment, your U.S. customers have the privilege to import goods valued at up to 800 USD without incurring any duty fees.

Step 2

2- Instead of bringing your goods into the U.S., consider importing them into Canada and take advantage of duty-free fulfillment tactics.

Step 3

3- You'll receive a refund on any Canadian import duties when your orders are shipped to the U.S.

Section 321 Fulfillment

Enhance Freight Efficiency:

Benefit from our strategic proximity to the Vancouver port, ensuring the utmost adaptability and profitability for your operations.

Successful Customer Delivery in 321 Fulfillment:

Leveraging our extensive array of shipping carriers, your parcel will be routed to its U.S. destination with top-tier services, ensuring swift and punctual delivery times.

Section 321 Fulfillment

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