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3PL Warehouse facilities that saves ocean shipments
Dependable transportation network exclusively for your business
Proven experience with major retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Canadian Tire, and others

Why DelGate 3pl Warehouse?

Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire Sellers and Suppliers are Covered at DelGate.

• As courier partners with Costco, Amazon, and Walmart, we manage all communication with these stores and their suppliers, and handle your items from start to finish. We have a CHEP Pallet Account and are experienced in meeting compliance requirements such as stock presentation, order packing, EDI, and packing slips.

• Our 3PL warehouse services cater to retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Amazon, and other online sellers. With our experience in compliance requirements, including stock presentation, order packing, EDI, and packing slips, we handle all communication with these stores and their suppliers, and ship your items to their distribution centers.

• We specialize in fulfilling and shipping wholesale and B2B orders to large big box retailer distribution centers, including those of Costco, Walmart, and Amazon. With our expertise in compliance requirements such as stock presentation, order packing, EDI, and packing slips, we take care of all communication with these stores and their suppliers, and provide comprehensive 3PL warehouse services.

Pallet Storage Warehousing

Looking for a storage space for either long-term or short-term use? Look no further!

At our facility, we provide a highly secure area for pallet storage. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their stock is safe and easily accessible.

  • Our pallet storage racking is up to 2 meters high and features heavy-duty shelving to accommodate heavier items.
  • Additionally, our storage bays are able to house both big and small items, with a capacity of around 2.2 tons.


We customize our solutions to meet your specific needs, which may include personalized stock storage setups, packaging options, kitting services, and returns logistics solutions.

3pl warehouse


DelGate’s 3PL logistics provides several shipping carrier options that can be tailored to your requirements. We assure same-day shipping for orders placed before 2 pm, showing our dedication to delivering excellent service.

Our Vancouver warehouse and national network of 3PL warehouses, along with our modern and innovative technology, give you the assurance that we can grow with your business. We provide same-day services at reasonable prices to ensure that you receive the best possible service.


DelGate’s cloud-based software serves as your logistics back-office and automates fulfillment through live inventory management. With our software, you can:

  • Monitor real-time inventory across our fulfillment centers
  • Integrate with your online store using APIs
  • Automatic Ordering System
  • Manage sales orders purchase orders and returns
  • Increase productivity while reducing costs
  • Receive reorder notifications for inventory management
  • Use bar-code scanners to maintain 99% error-free fulfillment
  • Access built-in reports and analytics for better decision-making.


Our 3PL warehouse partners and Vancouver fulfillment center ensure world-class security measures, which include:

  • 24/7 video surveillance for constant monitoring.
  • Alarmed doors to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Sophisticated security monitoring systems.
  • Security guard patrols to maintain vigilance.


With just three clicks, fulfill your orders from anywhere by plugging in any e-commerce shopping cart. You’ll have your own dashboard and your orders will be automatically synced with your inventory.

DelGate Logistics integrates with your sales channels to provide a stress-free shipping and fulfillment experience, allowing you to focus on scalable growth.


Leverage our 3PL warehouse network, advanced fulfillment technology, and expert teams to handle your surging sales volumes and support your business growth.

3PL Warehousing In Canada

DelGate is the dependable, adaptable, and scalable 3PL warehouse partner you’ve been seeking.
We specialize in delivering comprehensive third-party logistics solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a burgeoning eCommerce enterprise seeking to outsource fulfillment, or a well-established omnichannel retailer looking to streamline your current supply chain, we can assist you.
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Our robust API integration solution guarantees seamless synchronization of your inventory, resulting in an up-to-date and easily accessible inventory management system in real-time. By leveraging our advanced technology, you can effortlessly maintain accurate inventory records, allowing you to efficiently track stock levels, make informed decisions, and provide exceptional customer service.



We offer customizable service options for storing your inventory across our warehouses. With 100% logistics transparency, our warehouse associates use hand scanners to update your inventory in real-time, ensuring complete visibility for our customers.

Ship-Final Mile Delivery

Once an order is received from a customer, we immediately proceed with the picking and packing process. This ensures that your product is ready to be shipped to your customer either on the same day or the following day.


Integrate your online store with our proprietary technology and send us your inventory.
Our 3PL warehouse offers various services such as:

  • Receiving of Goods at 3PL Warehouse
  • Including full container load (FCL) unload and put-away, less than container load (LCL) unload and put-away, cross docking, transloading, and container drayage.

  • 3PL Storage
  • Storage options including pallet storage, pick bin storage, inventory management, cycle counting, and stock takes.

  • 3PL Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment services such as eCommerce order fulfillment, online retail order fulfillment, retail store order fulfillment, and display-ready pallet building.

  • 3PL Distribution and Last Mile Delivery
  • Distribution and last mile delivery services including eCommerce home delivery, bulky delivery, B2B and wholesale delivery, Vancouver furniture and large item delivery, and white glove delivery.

  • Reverse Logistics
  • Reverse logistics services for returned orders including delivery, inspection, adding returned stock back to inventory, and dead stock disposal.

  • Value Added Services
  • Value-added services such as stock quality control checks, ticketing, labeling, barcoding, work order assembly, and customized projects directed by clients.

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    DelGate is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) that provides Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, Container Transloading, Trucking, Rail service, Intermodal Transportation, Final Mile and Home Delivery.

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