DelGate Warehouse Service in Vancouver

Warehouse Service Vancouver

DelGate Warehouse Service Vancouver

Specialized knowledge

At first, we make sure to have insight with your sort of business and items to oblige your business development – both stock and conditional development. We have suitable frameworks (WMS) and innovation to meet your prerequisites.

Fully automated warehouse

Our warehouse management system (WMS) and our experience can help businesses to control or administer warehouse operations from the time goods enter our warehouse till they move out.

Close to major ports

Our warehouses in Vancouver are close to different major ports in Canada. You can transfer your goods and materials from the closest warehouse to your customer’s door.

Close to major distribution centres

Our warehouses in Vancouver are close to the major retail distribution centers like: Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire sellers and suppliers.

Multi-temperature storage

We cover multi-temperature storage service from food and beverage to electronics and clothing.

Wide variety of industries

At DelGate warehouse services, we provide 3pl services to different types of industries and businesses.


We receive products via an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) from a supplier. operators can scan consignment bar codes With this information on the system to bring up the ASN. If the delivery matches the ASN, then goods can be received in the system.

Pallet Storage

We provide the ideal place for your long term storage or short term space. Our highly secured pallet storage area is designed for your stock to be stored safely and ease of access. Make your pallet storage needs easy, we'll do all the hard work for your business till you can concentrate on selling your products. Enjoy safe and secure storage in your business.

WM Software

Technology is the most important in modern-day warehousing services. We acquire and implement the right technology for customers . Our warehouse management system provide 24/7 access to your inventory, along with a full report of: order entry, custom reports, transaction history, invoicing. With this process lower your costs and prevents errors associated with manual entry in every warehouses.


We store your goods and materials in the most appropriate storage space. Our storage process is one of most important part of warehousing service. We store properly until your goods are stored safe and without damage.

Handling with Care

We handle everything with a lot of care, so don't worry about your goods or cargos. We made logistics services simple, our fully automated warehouse in Vancouver are ready to provide appropriate services. We can easily move your goods and materials from warehouse to warehouse or door to door safe.

Inventory Management

Warehouse inventory management service by DelGateis when stock stored in the warehouse or other storage facility is received, tracked, audited and managed for order fulfillment. In this process, we control the inflow and outflow of our customers inventories, and we maintain and control their inventories.


We Offer Warehouse Service Vancouver

Our services can reduce cost for your business and make your business easy, leverage international trade agreements, so you can concentrate to manage growth and improve your customer experience which is optimized to your business priorities.

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warehouse service Vancouver

Our 3PL Warhouse Services in Vancouver BC

managing your inventory and Supply Chain by our unique approach to storage, warehousing and fulfillment.

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