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In our transloading Service, we combined knowledge, the right equipment, and our connections to get your products to your door across Canada within 7 days at the lowest cost. With our cross-docking services, you can be on top of your promises to your customers!


Cross Docking​

At DelGate, we provide 24 hours cross-docking service in Vancouver BC & Montreal QC. Whether you need to transfer goods efficiently, separate and sort materials intended for different destinations, or combine goods from different origins into a single shipment for distribution.

Our Vancouver & Montreal warehouse offers cross-docking services to help streamline your supply chain.
This process happens at a cross-dock warehouse where freight can be stored for a short period of time or not stored at all. At DelGate, we can help you transfer your freight where they need to go with our cross-docking warehousing capabilities.

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Transload From Ports,

Directly to The Shelve.

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How DelGate can help you with your Vancouver & Montreal cross docking needs?

Through our cross-docking distribution, products destined for a similar (or the same) end point can be consolidated into one shipment and transported as a full load, reducing overall distribution costs and reducing environmental impact.

Our Vancouver 3PL facilities offer customized transloading solutions to suit our customers’ needs; transporting goods into our cross-dock warehouses to check, unload and pick & pack shipments into new loads intended for single or multiple destinations.

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When to Use a Cross Dock Warehouse

You can use a cross docking warehouse operation to manage an array of conditions, including:
Cross Dock


Reduce, or potentially eliminate, costs associated with world wide shipping

Deliver products to distributors, and consequently customers, faster

Better utilize transport loads, saving transport-related costs and reducing

DelGate’s Transloading Facilities:

DelGate has specialized cross-docking facilities, equipment, and operations to make the transloading process as efficient as possible and facilitate transloading process for its customer. The physical act of transferring freight depends on the type of product may cause many problems, in this way we reduce the risk of losing or damaging the products.

Automated Transloading Facility

We put together the right equipment to protect your inventory.

Electronical conveyor:

We use it to transport, accumulate and distribute cargo between different parts of our warehouse to reduce the risk of goods being damaged. It is a very fast and safe load transport because of different sensors and devices.

Wrapping machines:

Equipment that automatically wraps pallets with stretch wrap to keep freight housed inside of the pallet and safe from damage. In this way transporting products in bulk can be easier and they will arrive at their destination undamaged.

Wrapping products by machines is faster, reliable, and more accurate method.

Drayage and Transloading Services help you Import from Vancouver Ports

DelGate is here to help you handle all your logistics and shipping needs in Canada and US. Our Vancouver warehouses are located right between Vancouver ports & Rail stations.
Our facilities are set up to minimize the handling and put your mind at ease.

[With the right equipment, manpower, packaging machines and materials we can turn this obstacle into a short pit stop.]

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