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This is a very important question that very few companies (and clients) ask.

Over the last year in our delivery business, I came to see some scenarios repeating themselves frequently.

For instance, I’ve come across a great furniture company  in downtown Vancouver that doesn’t offer delivery for expensive purchased items, leaving it to the customers discretion to hire a moving company. Why wouldn’t a company deliver their own cozy sofas? If your paying a price for something of such great quality why wouldn’t it be expected to have an equal delivery service as well?

Desperately wanting their new cherished furniture to be delivered, customers would predictably hire the first “cheap” company they come across. Unfortunately,  more often than not the item would most likely found with dents, scratches and other damages upon delivery.

In short, this is one example out of many I have seen all over the Vancouver area. With the lack of such services, companies are missing out on a chance of getting more people in the door and help themselves grow as a business. When there are many overseas students, condo renters, and west coast fuel efficient mini-sedans within the city,  providing something as simple as a delivery service can be the defining reason as to whether a customer purchases from a store or not. It would be ideal to have a delivery company to accommodate basic needs for something as heavy and expensive as furniture or appliances. Otherwise they’ll continue to going to IKEA.

DelGate is a great company to bring on your team and work with you to help your business grow. Your store could expand and meet all the needs of your customers and smash competition from big box stores.  

A fresh way of thinking is something this big city really needs. Maybe in time we can help this city and its people find the services and products they need.

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