Keep Your Fulfillment Simple!

Enjoy one all-inclusive price per Unit, Master Case, or Pallet for your fulfillment service.

flat rate fulfillment
flat rate fulfillment

One Flat Fee For All Your Logistics Needs

What we understand is, that 3PL services can get really complex beside an unexpected balance, especially when dealing with big volume.

As a great solution we offer an all inclusive Flat-Rate per Unit, Master Case, or Pallet to cover all your fulfillment needs. 

flat rate fulfillment

All inclusive Price

1. Inbound

From de-stuffing & receipt to precise sorting, scanning, and custom pallet construction.

2. Outbound

Order processing, picking, packing, and creating shipments with necessary documentation.

3. Warehousing

Free Storage for First Calendar Month

Software & Integrations

Warehouse management software, user access, store connection, and carrier integrations

Square Your B to B & B to C Fulfillment Cost With an
All-Inclusive Flat-Rate Today

flat fee master case

No More Hidden Fees

flat fee master case

No More Complex Calculations

flat fee master case

No More Ballpark Cost Calculation

Advantage of Using Flat-Rate For Your Logistics!

Predictable Costs

A flat rate simplifies your local logistics costs, making them more predictable and easier to factor into your product pricing. This eliminates the uncertainty associated with variable logistics costs, allowing you to set consistent prices that align with your desired margins.

Margin Protection

Fluctuating logistics costs can directly impact your profit margins. With a flat rate, you can better protect your margins by absorbing minor variations in logistics expenses without having to frequently adjust your product prices.

Cost Analysis

Ensure that your flat rate covers your average local logistics costs while still being attractive to customers. You don't want to end up subsidizing logistics expenses.

Smoother Inventory Management

Predictable logistics costs help in managing your inventory levels more efficiently. You can better plan how much stock to order and when to reorder, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.

Simplified Accounting

A flat rate can streamline your accounting processes. You won't need complex logistics cost calculations for each order, which saves time and reduces the potential for errors.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

High logistics costs are a common reason for cart abandonment. A flat rate reduces the chances of customers abandoning their carts due to unexpected or high logistics fees if your customers are incharge of the logistics fees.

Stable Logistics Overhead = Customer Loyalty

Price consistency contributes to positive customer experiences. Satisfied customers are more likely to return for future purchases and recommend your business to others.

Our Inventory Management

Managing your warehousing data has never been simpler. Our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) offers an array of powerful features to streamline your operations and provide you with a comprehensive view of your inventory processes.

  • Stay Informed with API Integration for Delivery Updates
  • Real-Time Tracking for Enhanced Customer Experience
Warehouse management System
flat rate fulfillment

Customer Dashboard and Unlimited User Access to View the live operation.

With our Customer Dashboard, you gain unparalleled transparency and control over your warehouse operations. Our dashboard provides real-time insights into inventory levels, order status, and overall warehouse performance.

  • Moreover, our software allows unlimited user access, enabling multiple stakeholders to monitor operations simultaneously.

What Is Included?

flat fee master case
flat fee master case
flat fee master case
flat fee master case

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